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Hello, Doggie here.

I've always had a weak point in interactivity.

After some thought, and since I need to prepare mentally? for my IRL move to another house (might be two moves), I've decided to leave the game with Okita Souji ([personal profile] smile_thatkills) and toon Link ([personal profile] timeforcourage) .

My slow progress and difficulty to figure out topics have left me discouraged to continue RPing. Plus, I wondered if the war genre is ill-suited for me; I found myself having trouble trying to 100% figure out the happenings (the what's, the whys, etc) of the game and its characters, especially the ones associated with Link and Souji. It may just be a personal issue; I felt like I wasn't focusing at my best to be a useful player.

I can be reached at AIM at Lake of Archers; my plurk is at [plurk.com profile] EnzoDogGT (I occasionally link blog posts)

Thank you for everything IS, especially Char and the rest of Zeon; also, former castmate of Hajime Saitou.

~ Doggie

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War's still on, but I need some personal cooldown time, I think. I'll be back by the end of the week, probably sooner. I will also still make posts/participate in anything that's going on to advance the current war plot; if something needs my attention, hit me up on Plurk or AIM.

Affects Char, Signum, Kusuha, and Izanami.
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 A hurricane is more than likely heading my way and my boyfriend is going to be seeing me for a good chunk of September so I think it's a bit unfair for me to be character sitting in that amount of time.

I'll be dropping Korra, Anise, and Celia.

I had fun with all of you during my time here, thank you so much for playing with me♥ Hopefully when things are calmer I may be able to join again.
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Incardine here, realizing that my muse handling ability is dropping considerably.

As a result, I'm dropping Redcloak and Lady Palutena. Megaera D'Ashland and Caster (Lina Inverse) are staying around.

So... That's pretty much that. I'll try to get posts and tags in for both characters in the next few days.
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Hey guys! Bill here. Due to the nature of the game being heavily political and military in orientation at times, we sometimes miss some of the lighter moments of what characters do. So, in this post, post up your characters, and you can handwave CR with other characters as you tag them, explaining what sort of things they might do/run into each other on a day to day basis.
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I don't really feel like I have the knack for RP anymore. Every time I post I have to force myself to do it, and I struggle to keep up anything beyond the most basic and tenuous CR with my characters. And at that point, why even bother doing it?

In short, I'm dropping Kanako Yasaka. My sincere apologies to everyone who was looking forward to the plot, but I'm incapable of giving the game the focus it needs.

Let's generally assume that Kanako was ultimately defeated, the rains stopped, and Rome had an unexpectedly bountiful late-summer harvest. After that the Cult of Yasaka continued to have a modest, scattered following, although never enough to challenge the Crystal King.
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I'm going to be wrapping up the Black Legion raid now. It was fun! And I hope you had fun, it was my first mod-run event. Don't worry I'll be backtagging threads on it, but they're fading into the background for a while with the new slaves, cultists, and casualties they've taken.

They'll still be out there, and depending on the circumstances may show up again. Enterprising players may even find other fun ways to interact with them.

Just hit up the mod account with a PM if you are interested in doing more with them again, we'll be sure to give you some interaction.

Also, feel free to ask some questions/discuss the aftermath in here, I'll be answering questions. <3


Aug. 18th, 2012 09:33 pm
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Okay, the thing is, my RP drive is still as large as ever. I'll be giving new tags, but not at the same rate that I would if I were at my usual levels. The reason for this is simply because I'm translating a Korean epic into English because there are no online translated versions of the text. As soon as I get the first volume done, I plan to return to my usual activity levels. Meanwhile, this affects Kay: [personal profile] meidokay , Argon Coin: [personal profile] fleeced , and Lancer: [personal profile] puppy_lancer .
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So while it's true that I'm back from hiatus, I just wanted to let everyone know that I may be a bit slower getting back into the swing of things as well as getting to some stuff that I've had on the backburner since June. I should have posts up for all three of my characters (as well as an app in over the next week, if not both of them) shortly, but tagging may be a bit more intermittent until September 11 or so due to visiting family across the country. Something about a party and lots of gifts or something, I don't even know. I heard I'm being fed so that's always good.

That said! If you have any questions mod-wise, feel free to throw them at me. I'm around most of the day, but may be working. I'll still do my best to respond as quickly as possible, though!

Also PAX. Void and I will be attending on Saturday, so if anyone is going to be in town and wants to say hi, go ahead and let me know, we'll try to arrange something. I hold off on saying a huge Imperial Saga PAX group, since I'm not sure who all will be there and how people feel about it, but if everyone's cool we can certainly try to help coordinate something. Let us know in the comments!
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Guess who's back.

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Sheepy and I had a lovely wedding, and as of probably about now we are both back from hiatus, although there may be a bit of time lag before we can get back into the swing of things. There may be some wedding photos forthcoming if you folks are interested in such things.
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Hiatus through Monday. Affects Sara and Nanoha. Probably still might be active to some degree anyway. The end.
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My laptop will soon be sent off to get repairs, since the keyboard has been getting shitty. The repair place my warranty offers is apparently in Illinois, so when I send it off, it'll probably be gone for a week or two.

I'll try setting up my old desktop for RPing purposes, but it is a generally unreliable machine, so I may end up dropping off the face of the Earth until the laptop gets back.


Aug. 8th, 2012 11:31 pm
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Thank you very much for having me. I'm really sorry, but I just lost all motivation with Eike. I want to thank the people I did have brief CR with and the welcoming environment! I had a lot of fun for the short time I was here, and I might reapply with a better character. Either way, thank you very much for having me.
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Hi there, IS! I'm Galen and I bring to you Corvus Corax from Warhammer 40,000.

Corax is a Primarch, one of the magically/genetically engineered sons of the God-Emperor of Mankind. Imagine an Astartes and turn it to 11.

Historically-inclined characters may very well recognize him if they see his true appearance (he has the ability to look like just some guy if he doesn't want all the attention) - as he is a legendary historical figure with a very distinct appearance (hella pale skin, completely black eyes, FUCKHUGE at about 8 feet tall). He was last seen charging into the rift after the fall of the Emperor waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when. If your character is inclined to know about him, feel free to contact me so I can let you know what they'd be aware of.

ANYWHO, I look forward to playing with you all!

Edit: OH, and I'm thanatosgear on AIM, and Gaeth on plurk - feel free to add me

Uh oh!

Aug. 2nd, 2012 09:01 pm
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Watch out guys. You may be seeing more of this account for the next month or so. Incoming raiders from the Rift, full of hate and bile. Just thought I'd say hi early so if one of your open posts gets tagged by these thugs you'll know what hit you.
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Hello, Imperial Saga!

I know I haven't been the most active person in the game -- far from it, admittedly -- so instead of scraping by every month, I've decided to drop. All things considered, these four months went by fast! I had fun doing what threads I had here, so thank you guys for that. Extra thanks to Doggie for being such an accommodating castmate. ♥

Assume that Saitou is still around but laying low as usual. It'd make no sense to kill him off, haha.

See you all on the flip side.
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Hey guys, I know we're doing a heavy push on ATP this month, I'd like to know what you guys as players say we have to offer aside from the event I've got planned with a Rift invasion, like, plots you're planning to do, character and canon requests, or endorsements and the like.

The game is only as happy as the players are, and one of the best ways to keep players happy is to give them a lot to bounce off, so please, give us some feedback and thoughts so we can recruit most effectively, and target PCs and canons you dig.
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Sorry, guys. As much as I hate to do this, I'm bowing out. I haven't been able to get motivated with Athrun here, so it's best I cut my losses for now.

That said, I do hope to come back some time down the road. But right now, between lack of motivation and schoolwork on my plate, I think I'd just end up squatting.

Hope to see you guys again soon.
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Hey, Zoan here.

So, Victoria. I'm... just going to drop her since attempting to get her into things is like pulling teeth for me. She's just.. so antisocial. I'm sorry for anyone that might have had plots with her and everything else. Mostly this is due to my struggling motivation as of late because of work and my rather strange schedule the last few months.

Sorry to disappoint everyone. Maybe if I get things straightened out I'll bring her back but I don't see that for a long time off.

As for Rip, yeah you're not getting rid of The Huntress just yet! She's going to be here for awhile! Hopefully things will be better with just focusing on her in this game.
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